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Christmas Tree 2018
Christmas Eve
December 25, 2018

Yesterday was Christmas Eve which we celebrated at my mom’s house. It was me, my older sister, my mom and her partner. Basically we ate all day and at some point in evening we opened the presents. Christmas is supposed to be all about family and… ehum… Jesus. However...

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Khoresht Gheimeh Bademjan - Persian Foods
Learning Persian Foods
November 12, 2018

I already know some Persian foods but want to learn the more complex ones, so today I went home to my mom who taught me how to make Khoresht Gheimeh Bademjan. It’s a stew which consists of lamb, aubergines, onion, turmeric, salt, pepper, tomato sauce, yellow lentils and some lemon juice. It’s served with rice and salad.

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Iran Flag
Iran and Trump
November 9, 2018

America is, as always, trying to bully and strangle Iran so they’ll give into them and give up all their riches and become Americas slave just as America has done to all other countries they have taken over. It’s not enough with all the sanctions and propaganda against Iran, from America’s side, but then there’s also the whole fear mongering against Muslims.

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