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What is Happening

august 21, 2016

It has been a while since last, that because much has happened in my life since last time I wrote.
I turned 30 years of age, fun at not so much fun, I liked the 20’s but it seems as if it is in the 30’s things are really start happening.

mallorca horse

Me and my sister traveled to Mallorca and had two wonderful weeks there. It was very beatiful there with big wonderful beaches and nice people.

mallorca alcudia beach

Then we came home, my medical treatment was about to start, it lasted for one day because the day after the school notified me that I had got accepted to their school, right away I accepted and then called my doctor to tell the news.

In two years I’ll be a medical secretary and it is a guranteed job here.

mallorca alcudia

My time will be spent on studies and I will try to post something here sometimes, melgibsonsite is priority one after the studies so… we’ll see.