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New Tattoo

July 18, 2017

Today I got my second tattoo. I'd been waiting to do this for over one year and finally the day arrived. It was more painful doing the tattoo on the inside of the forearm then when I did my first tattoo on my fibula. But I made it. It took almost four hours.

The tattoo is of a tiger, the earth with some trees, birds, a lighteningbolt and comets and a star. I wanted the background to be more similar to space but as for now I think it looks more like the sky. The arm is soooo swollen right now, but it doesn't hurt very much, only when I accidently bump into it or touch it.

MadnezDesign new tattoo 2017 tiger earth birds

I really love the tattoo, though I wanted the universe/space as the background and this looks more like the sky. But I can't stop staring at the pictures I took of it and stare at my arm, haha. I will have more tattoos in the future, add something on my fibula close to the first tattoo and later on another tattoo on the back of the shoulder.