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Hard Work During Summer

July 23, 2017

I'm helping my sister remove stone slabs from the driveway this summer. It's easy to get them up but they are many and it is heavy.

We have done two thirds of the driveway and we're finishing what's left later this week. I don't know what she's planning to do after we've removed the flagstones. I heard talks about adding asphalt or putting back the flagstones after evening out the driveway. Time will tell what it will be.

MadnezDesign hard work

I have three weeks left on my vaccation, I really don't want them to end, or at least I want the days to slow down. I don't mind the days going by fast while at work or school but when it's vaccation, please slow down! ;)

My tattoo is healing up fine and the swelling of the arm is almost completely gone. The healing process is a lot easier with this tattoo than my first. I remember it itching much more with my first one and some other issues. But the healing process with this new one is not over yet. I long to see how the end result will look like.