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A cruise to Poland

August 13, 2017

My summer vacation involved work, work, relaxing and a cruise over to Poland.

I don't really count Poland as an abroad trip, more like a visit to a neighbour. I've been there more times than I can count, but it's fun and even more fun now when Poland have opened their new mall, Riviera. Well, it's not that new anymore but it's the newest thing they have over there, and it's huge! We arrived there around 9.30 am and only due to the restraints of the wallet we were finished shopping around 17.00 pm. Very exhausting.


The boat is very fun, sort of. Since I don't drink alcohol we spent the (both) evenings eating food, shopping in the bordershop and gambling. Sure I won some but in the end I lost a total of 115 SEK. My sister however won around 350 SEK. She was on a roll all day that last day.

School starts tomorrow, the only good thing about that is the time that is left to finishing school is coming closer. I long for it to be over.