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Cute Kitties

August 12, 2018

Ever since I was a young child, I've wanted a cat. Finally, when I was 27 years old it was time. Jaxon, the black cat, is my first cat. Today he's 5-years old. Wow, time goes by so fast. He has always been a stubborn cat. He wants what he wants when he wants it. If you don't do as he wants, he gives you trouble, haha! Jaxon was born outdoors and he is still today an outdoor cat but can be indoor as much and how long he wants. I've tried to turn him into an indoor cat but with him it's not very easy. He wants to be outside.

Jaxon and Casper
Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

Casper, the newcomer to the family, just turned 1-years old. I've only had him almost 5 months. He too, was born outdoors and lived outdoors up until I took him home at the age of 7 months. But he has not shown any interest to be outdoors and I've taken him outside once and he became very frightened, the same when I had him with me on my balcony. Fine by me, if he wants to be indoors that's fine. He really loves being indoors. He run around, plays and do his own thing. I'm amazed that for someone who lived his first 7 months outdoors, rather live indoors now.

Jaxon and Casper seem to like each other. Casper loves Jaxon but I think Jaxon is a bit more.... annoyed at the youngling sometimes, hehe. But they have their moments when they play, cuddle and talk to each other. It's very cute!

Rainbow in Sweden
Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

The summer in Sweden has been very warm and this weekend we finally got some rain. When we were outside we saw this beautiful rainbow.