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A New Car and a New Life

September 26, 2018

This year is filled with a lot of new things and experiences for me. A life with a new cat and a life without a dog. A new job and now a new car. I did my first big buy last week, a Toyota Yaris hybrid 2017. It’s a small car but big enough for me. The car drives partly on electricity.

Toyota Yaris

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

The car has a lot of functions such as GPS, bluetooth, a rear camera, a sensor in the front and does a lot of things automatically. And it is such a joy to drive around in. With a new car I decided to rent a parking space in the garage because I want to take care of my new car and protect it from rust and other damages that can occure while being outside 24/7.

Toyota Yaris 2017

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

I love the color blue metalic but the interior of the car is sort of dull. I like more bling or cool stuff and there’s really nothing special about the interior design. Maybe later on I’ll spend some money and upgrade it but for now the car does what it is suppose to, take me to my job and back home and being able to listen to some loud music with an awsome base.

A new car

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

I’m starting to feel the perks by having a full time job but I also realize some of the things a full time job takes away from you. But I’m still young. My life might look completely different in 5-10 years. As for now, this is my new life. A life with a new job and a new car, living in my own apartment with my two cats.