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Iran and Trump

November 9, 2018

We sort of miss Obama now, huh. The good thing with Trump is that he really showed the world of how much racism there still is out there. It used to be behind closed doors but now even those who hid are out spewing their hate and fear towards other cultures and people.

I’m half Iranian and it hurts seeing how much media is trashing Iran of being something it’s not and trashing Islam and Muslims of being something they’re not. I’m not Muslim and did not grow up in a religious household but I have relatives and friends who are and I grew up in a mixed Middle Eastern culture. I’ve been to Iran at least twice when I was younger.

Iran Flag

America is, as always, trying to bully and strangle Iran so they’ll give into them and give up all their riches and become Americas slave just as America has done to all other countries they have taken over. I don’t agree with the regime in Iran, I don’t like them nor do I trust them, but… I want Iran to be independent and to be a strong country, hopefully with another leader who can be trusted and that wants the best for their people and land. But this should happen WITHOUT the meddling of other countries such as America. The people of Iran should make the change happen. If they want it, it can happen.

It’s not enough with all the sanctions and propaganda against Iran, from America’s side, but then there’s also the whole fear mongering against Muslims. In a normal Muslim household the only thing I’ve ever experienced is a loving family dynamic, very social and the woman is not suppressed but more the boss if anything. Does suppression happen? Of course, as it does in all religions, non-religions and cultures. It has more to do with the person doing the suppression than it have to do with the religion or culture. All though there are some cultures that do horrible things to the women and children, most often these are from uneducated and poor families. So yes, it does happen. But it’s not as common as the media makes it out to be. And for the record, the people in Iran began protesting against their regime several years ago and continue doing to this day. The only thing Trump is doing to Iran is starving the people. Prices are going up and it’s more difficult for people to afford the most common things. So no, America is not helping Iran only making it more difficult. The people were protesting and fighting against the regime before and now it is as if America wants the current regime to stay so it seems as if the regime are the ones starving the people when in fact it is America.

Iranian Families

Iran is a very rich country mostly when it comes to oil. Why would America want to control Iran’s oil? The country who owns the most, if not all, oil is the country who owns the world. Everyone is dependent on oil; we use it to everything in our lives. We need it and the country who owns the oil gets all the money because we pay for it. Oil is mainly used to supply energy to power industry, heat homes and provide fuel for vehicles and airplanes to carry goods and people all over the world.

Top 10 oil richest countries 2018

  • 1 Venezuela – exports to USA
  • 2 Saudi Arabia – exports to USA
  • 3 Canada – exports to USA
  • 4 Iran
  • 5 Iraq – exports to USA
  • 6 Kuwait – exports to USA
  • 7 United Arab Emirates – exports to USA
  • 8 Russia – exports to USA
  • 9 Libya – exports to USA
  • 10 USA

Why might all of this be about oil? Well, in 1908 oil was discovered in Iran which led to the formation of APOC, a London-based company. In 1914 the British government bought a majority of the company’s shares and gained direct control over the Iranian oil industry. This lasted for 37 years.

In 1951, Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq nationalized the oil industry, kicking out the company then known as Anglo-Iranian, now BP. That triggered a Western-sponsored coup, opened Iran to a new consortium of western companies and put the country on course for its 1979 revolution.

From 1979 until 1998, Iran did not sign any oil agreements with foreign oil companies. Early in the first administration of President Mohammad Khatami (in office 1997–2005), the government paid special attention to developing the country's oil and gas industry.

In the early 2000s, leading international oil firms from China, France, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom had agreements to develop Iran's oil and gas fields. In 2004 China signed a major agreement to buy oil and gas from Iran, as well as to develop Iran's Yadavaran oil field. In 2009, China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) signed a deal with the National Iranian Oil Company whereby the former took ownership of a 70% stake upon promising to pay 90 percent of the development costs for the South Azadegan oil field, with the project needing investment of up to $2.5 billion. However, the threat of American retaliation kept the investment way below the desired levels. It only allowed Iran to continue to keep its oil export at or below its OPEC determined quota level. Today, much of the equipment needed for oil industry are being produced by local manufacturersin Iran. Besides, Iran is among the few countries that has reached the technology and "know-how" for drilling in the deep waters

Iran oil

So, Iran’s oil was owned by Britain at one point and then Western countries earned a lot of money from Iran by buying Iran’s oil and then selling other products to Iran for 100 times more money, products Iran had to buy to survive. When Iran could take back their ownership of their oil they increased the price and later began investing money in their own oil industry so they could drill and manage their own oil in their own country by themselves, independent.

I truly believe more younger people can see through America’s lies, even Americans themselves. Just because I don’t like America (their government, politicians, President) does not mean that I have anything against the people or that I like the regime of Iran, I don’t. But of the countries I trust the least in the world it is America and it’s due to all their lies and deceptions they’ve spread around them throughout the years. No country is perfect and no country ever states the whole truth and shares transparency but there are lies and secrets you’d understand can’t be shared and then there are lies and deceptions that are only used due to selfish gain. And when that entails the use of spreading hate, fear, violence and something ugly as racism, then it’s just not ok.