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Christmas Eve

December 25, 2018

Yesterday was Christmas Eve which we celebrated at my mom’s house. It was me, my older sister, my mom and her partner. Basically we ate all day and at some point in evening we opened the presents. Christmas is supposed to be all about family and… ehum…. Jesus. However, in our family we spend so much time together so Christmas Eve is not that much different except for the decorations, different type of food and all of the Christmas presents. Yep, it’s all about the presents. I’m not even going to lie about it. If we were a family that didn’t spend much time together then I’d say Christmas was for family as well. We do not celebrate Jesus since we’re not religious.

Christmas Tree

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

Christmas Food

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

When I was younger it was more of a family thing because we used to visit our relatives and celebrate Christmas with them but now it’s just us four so it’s not really any different from any other day, except from what I described above. The only big difference this year was that there was no dog with us. We’ve celebrated Christmas with our beloved dogs for the past 18 years but earlier this year our last dog, Diva, passed away. I must say everything felt very empty without a dog, Diva, around. When we were eating I was waiting for her to stress us out as she used to sit by the table and barking wanting us to hurry up eating so she could have some. I missed yelling at her to be careful by the Christmas tree since her tail always knocked something down and it felt strange not giving presents to her and then watching her opening them. When Donald Duck (cartoons) is on TV I and Diva used to go into the guestroom and lay on the bed together just chilling and cuddle waiting for the TV-show to be over but yesterday I was in there all alone. Diva was very much missed yesterday!

Merry Christmas 2018

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

I got everything I wished for this Christmas so that was very nice. The food was good and overall it was a good Christmas. When I got home I gave my cats their food and later their Christmas gifts. As always they don’t open their gifts they only stare at me as if I should do it, which I does. I open every gift and spread the toys out around them. They just stare at them and walk away. Haha! But Casper began playing with the toys later in the evening.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!