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Fox In The Snow

February 10, 2019

The snow came in the middle of January and went away in early February. I really hope there wont be anymore snow. Snow is beautiful but as an adult I don't find anything joyful with it. I used to love walking my dog when there was snow because she loved the snow and I loved seeing her happy but other than that, nah snow and cold is not my type of weather. I long for spring and all the colors blooming up in nature and longer days with warmer weather.

Snow in Sweden

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

A few days back when I went to the window I saw a fox, I went out on the balcony and took a couple of pictures. The photos below are zoomed in that's why the photos are blurry. There were actually two foxes, the other one came running down a minute after the first one showed up. They were so beautiful, thick fluffy fur and they were really big too. After a while the first one walked behind some trees and did his/her business and the other fox ran after and laid down in the snow next to him/her. It was so cute. But then I made some noise walking around on my balcony due to the snow and the foxes heard it and ran away.

Fox in the snow

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

I love animals, all animals, always have and always will. Predators are a little bit closer to my heart though and that's because of their honesty. They either trust you or they don't and if they don't you will find out and in which way depends how stupid you are. Animals are so pure and honest. Humans are not. It's extremly rare to find a person, an adult, who are truthful and none judgementful. So when I say that whenever I see an animal I feel true joy and love, I really mean it.

Fox in Sweden

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

Today I did some meditation for the first time in several months and I must say it felt really good! I hope I can become better with this so I atleast do 3-4 meditations a week. I felt very relaxed afterwards, I had forgotten how nice it felt after a really good meditation. I did 3 different meditations today from YouTube. Guided meditations. One was for all the chakras , the second one was for the heart chakra and the last one was a quick meditation for all the chakras. The two first were my favorites because it focused a lot on the breathing as well. The last one was too stressful but when I have gotten back in the rythm with all the meditations that one will work just as good as the other ones.