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Say No to Racism

January 26, 2020

I am biracial, my mother is Persian and my father is Swedish. Most of my life my mother raised me and I consider myself more Persian then Swedish but either way I am half of each.

As a child I did not know what racism was but I also grew up in a community where cultures were mixed and I used to play with children who themselves came from another country or their parents came from another country, also Swedish, but of course as a child I don't go around thinking about this. I played with whoever I liked and since it was a lot of different cultures where I lived it was very mixed. This continued on until my early adulthood and it was here I began noticing a lot of frightening things. Earlier on I had experiences between me and my Swedish friends and in relationships when it came to racism and all of those friendships and relationships has ended.

Say No to Racism

As biracial I get to hear a lot of things. From some of my previous Swedish friends and relationships I used to hear how much they hate immigrants and how the immigants ruin this country and how they shouldn't be allowed in here. They tease muslims and their religion. Believe women are being abused and the men are horrible people. So I often say: "You do know I am half Persian, that my mother came here from Iran and I have relatives who are muslims!?" Their reply is always: "Oh, but you don't count as one of them. You were born here and I see you as a Swedish person". And I continue on trying to explain that NO, I am half Persian, I have Persian culture, I have family and relatives who are Persians and biracial, I have relatives in Iran, muslims and none muslims. Just because I am born in Sweden doesn't make me more this or less that.

Racists doesn't understand this. Those types of racists who don't really can see themselves for what they are. They don't understand that by saying that to me they are denying half of me and half of my family who they also hate because they weren't born in Sweden and because they are muslims and so on. I don't want these "friends" in my life so I end it, the same with relationships, because I don't want my future children to be fueled with that type of hate and ignorance.

As an adult when I began socialising more with Swedish people I got to hear so much hate towards immigrants and muslims it really began to hurt really bad. Why is the fear towards other cultures so high? Having a different culture, another/a religion and born in another country means that you speak different, react different, behave different and believe in different things then the norm here in Sweden. It's nothing to be afraid of. Racism comes out of hate which comes out of fear and to have the fear go away we have to be willing to learn about and from eachother. Don't fear it, instead learn and be open.

I've had more bad experiences with racism which I don't want to bring up but I have no tolerance with people who are racists or people who are friends with racists.

If you disrespect another culture and even after being told to stop you continue disrespecting their culture that is racism. If you are not a black person and you use the n-word you are a racist. Our generation and younger should know by now that we do NOT use the n-word ever. I can look past old people still using it but it's still not okay, if you're under 55 years of age and using the n-word you have some soul searching to do. Learn the history behind the usage of the word of white people and you might understand why we should never say the n-word! I count in being anti-muslim aka Islamphobia as a form of racism because mostly Middle Easterners are under attack when it comes to being muslim these days. All form of hate, prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race are racists.

I also consider these people racists:
If you are friends with someone or like a person who has done any of the above things, YOU are a racist, even if you don't consider yourself sharing those beliefs or opinions of that racist friend. As long as you are friends with someone who is racist, or like someone who is a racist, so are you because that means you condone their hate and behaviors.