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Santander Consumer Bank

Posted by webmiss | May 18, 2020

A while back I bought a sofa from EM Home. We agreed that I could buy it on down payment during a three month period which would be interest free using Santander Consumer Bank credit card services. EM Home applied for a credit card and I asked if there were any extra costs and they said no and showed me the papers. Everything looked fine and I went home.

The sofa arrived, but no bill from the credit card company, Santander. I contacted Santander and said I wanted the bill to come in as an e-invoice to my personal bank. They told me how to go about it and I followed their instructions. No bill came from them. Later on a bill from EM Home arrived.

Santander Bank

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

I will be honest, I don't know much about paying with credit cards but I thought it might work paying the bill from EM Home directly on Santanders Bank. I logged in but couldn't add EM Homes information so I decided to transfer the amount of money needed from Santander Bank to my personal bank account.

I looked around on the website first to see that I wouldn't have to pay any extra fees, I found no information so I figured it would be fine transferring the money. And I really thought it would be fine and this is how it worked and after this we'd set up a payment plan for three months interest free as agreed upon earlier.

The bill from EM Home was due in the coming three days so I had to pay it fast. I transferred the money from Santander Consumer Bank, the credit card account, into my personal bank account. No message appeard about there being any extra costs for the transfer and I clicked transfer.

Santander Consumer Bank

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

I could see the money during the weekend on my personal account and I paid my bill. I contacted Santander wanting to set up my payment plan. They answered how to pay it back and I thought great. I later on logged into my account in Santander Consumer Bank and noticed they had extracted 450 sek + interest + the amount I transfered to be payed back. I thought what the heck, I only transfered x amount not the other sum of money and there was interest added already.

I called Santander Consumer Bank and talked to customer service who said there is a transfer fee when I transfer from my credit account to a personal bank account. I explained there was no information about it anywhere and that they never sent a bill to me and now EM Home sent me a bill with the due date tomorrow. I had to pay it. Customer service kept saying it is in our agreement which I signed that they take a transfer fee and that I had to use the credit card for the interest free payment to be used.

I couldn't really argue but wanted to talk to the manager who will call me back in a couple of days. But I didn't want to collect more interest so I paid everything back today.
I have read through their whole website and in my agreement papers and it is not written anywhere about them taking any extra fees when you transfer from credit account to bank account.

I wrote them back and told them I couldn't find any information about the transfer fee and that I had paid back the whole amount of money and expect them to pay me back my 483 sek and after the money is back in my personal bank account I wan them to end my membership and creditcard.

Santander credit card

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg

I don't really expect them to pay me back. That's not what credit card companies do. They trick people and steal their money. I really feel lied to. But it's not completley Santander Consumer Banks fault because EM Home had a part in this. They didn't take the payment with the credit card when they left the sofa at my place, which they should have done and my belief is that's why I never got a bill from Santander Consumer Bank. But Santander Consumer Bank did not provide the information anywhere about the transfer fee nor how the interest free down payments work. Both are to blame!

I really want people to be careful when dealing with Santander Consumer Bank and please, don't apply for anything with them. I read other stories online about what people have been through with Santander Consumer Bank, so my case is not unique. If you really must have a credit card then apply one from your own personal bank and talk to someone directly how everything works.

I wont be dealing with any credit card companies anymore or buy anything from EM Home.