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Remove the regime in Iran

July 24, 2020

I have tried many times through out the years to enlighten people about what is happening in Iran. But no one seems to care. I live in Sweden and a lot of swedish people is...if not racist then they are very self absorbed. They only care about what happens to them or what happens in Sweden.

If you are against discrimination,shouldn't that apply to all discrimination happening around the world?
If you are against racism, shouldn't that apply to all racism happening around the world?
If you're a feminist, shouldn't you want to fight for womens rights and equality all around the world?
If you're against oppression, shouldn't you be against oppression happening all around the world?
And so on...

Iran flag

Iran has two flags. This flag was used before the revolution in 1979 and is the true one.
The current one which symbolizes the islamic republic will not make its appearance on my website!

I do what I call "tests" from time to time, I bring up the subject of Iran amongst my swedish friends to see how many of them are open minded for the discussion. As of yet I have only gotten awkward silence. I also take notice that whenever I share photos or holiday wishes of swedish nature, such as walks in nature, spending time with family, travel, merry christmas, happy easter etc. Majority of my swedish friends like the pictures and wish the greetings back to me. But whenever I share persian content or celebration of Nowruz, I get maybe two likes out of the thirty swedish friends. What's that all about?

I can share pictures of persian dinners and people like them but you know, in my mind that is not okay. You can't like persian food if you can't like our holidays, celebrations or other persian content I share. I am half persian, and whenever people do these things I feel as if they only like my swedish half which means they don't like all of me. Even if I am born in Sweden I am more persian then swedish.

Ever since this began to happen I have stopped wishing people merry christmas and other holidays. If they say it to me of course I will say it back but I don't share posts about christmas or new years nor like their posts about it. You get what you give. You might think it's childish behaviour but I have really had enough of all these fake as friends. You either like all of me or you don't and if you don't then don't pretend to like me. I will always respect people and treat them with kindness. But if you disrespect my family or wish death on Iran and my iranian people, all of my respect towards you are gone.

My attitude towards a person can be as if I don't care about surtain things in their life when they talk about things, but it is because I've taken notice that they don't care about mine. Deep down I do care about them but I don't show it. However if it is a person who care about what happens in my life or treats me with respect and kindness and do care about what happens in Iran, then you will forever have my love and respect and I will show it to you.

Lifes lost in Iran 2019

Over 1500 people was killed by the regime in the november 2019 protest in Iran. Over 7000 arrested, some executed and more waiting to be executed.

With the latest happening in Iran I tried to get a lot of my swedish friends to help sign a petition to stop the execution of three protesters who were arrested in november 2019. Only four signed, out of 30 swedish friends. I had the post up for 24 hours on all my social media with the notice that I would remove those who didn't sign or send out a heart emoji to show their support. I removed 26 people. And I know at least 18 of them saw my post. The execution has been halted but the protesters are still in custody and if we all know the regime, they will execute them anyways.

Why do I feel it is important for people outside of Iran to show their support to the iranian people who wants the removal of the regime? It is simple. All people deserve to live free, right now the iranian people live under oppression with a selfish regime that kills anyone who questions them, steal the people's money and thanks to the sanctions now the people have a difficult time with buying food and medical care since everything has become very expensive. People can't be themselves, believe in what they want or dress how they want nor love who they want. The punishment is death if they go against the islamic laws.

Another big thing, the regime do want to develope nuclear weapons. I don't know how far they have gotten but if they finally do develope nuclear weapons that means the people of Iran will have an even more difficult time removing the regime and the regime will have more power around the world. Who would want that to happen?

The regime of Iran

Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran (tl). Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran (tr).

When I say I want the people around the world to support the iranian people, I mean to go out in the streets like they did for Black lives matter, sign petitions, make their voices heard on a major global scale, this will make even more iranian people be brave enough to go out to the streets and protest in Iran and the more people they are the more success they will have.

I don't want governments around the world show their so called support by raging a war against Iran because I don't want Iran destroyed and stolen of all her wealth and history as so many other countries in the middle east has been through, thanks to the West. I want Iran protected. Iran should be dealt with from the inside and the iranian people should remove the regime but we as a global people must show that we are with them. The new leader of Iran should be chosen by the iranian people. Not manipulated in by the West like all the times before.

The whole world would benifit with the removel of the regime and in with a new leader of Iran who wants to cooperate with the world and stands for freedom and democracy and equal rights.

I don't understand why it is so hard for people around the world to understand this.
Do you want war or do you want peace?

Below is a link of what happens in Sweden when people come out to demonstrate when the Iranian regime’s sanctioned foreign minister came to visit Sweden in august of 2019. The article is in english and as you can read for yourself it was mainly iranian people if not only iranian people. Why wont swedish people show their support?
Source: women-ncr-iran