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Brighter days ahead

Posted by webmiss | September 2, 2020

I've had a wonderful summer and vacation, dare I say best one yet. This is my last week of vacation with only five days left until I start work again. I don't have much planned, on saturday I will visit my friend in Karlskrona but other then that I'll be at home relaxing, taking my walks and cuddle with my cat.

Vacation relaxing

The last couple of years have been kind of bumpy.
Deaths in the family, relationships falling apart, pets dying, a new job that I loved but a couple of things made me quit and then a new job which I also love. Had a major crush on a person, I fucking hated it, it was fun in the beginning but when I really began to fall in love it just made me dumb, it came out of nowhere and I wasn't really prepared for it. Not fun having feelings for a person you have no chance with and I am pretty sure this person doesn't even like me in any shape or form. The whole thing did a number on me, if I could have had a say in it, it would never had happened but you can't really control who you get feelings for. I never want to fall in love with anyone ever again, that shit was too painful! I'm over it now, still like the person as I did before all of that, but the crush thing is over, thank God! But I am sure if I ever meet the person again I will melt, haha.

Karlskrona Sweden

I miss living in Karlskrona, it's my home, and there's more things to do there and closer to my family and friends, but what's done is done, it will probably take one or two years before I can move back there, which I want to do.

I sort of have a bucket list of what I want to fullfill during my lifetime on Earth and I've done three out of five things on that list. I might be able to scratch over a fourth soon and then I only have one thing left. The last thing on the list is not impossible to reach but might take a few years and it's good to have something left to thrive after. Don't really know what more I want after I've completed that list. I have to figure out some more things I want or need.

I'm feeling very happy at this moment and I feel as if there's brighter days ahead. I can't wait! So far so good. I hope it continues this way. Only time will tell.