About me

Madeleine Lindberg - MadnezDesign

Photo: © Madeleine Lindberg www.madnezdesign.com

I’m in my last semester studying to become a medical secretary.
Previously I’ve worked with survey marketing and in elderly care.

I discovered my passion of creating web designs at the age of 12 and have since created different types of websites and designs. To keep myself up to date with the latest within codes, I’ve taken a couple of website programming- and web design courses throughout the years.

I also love meditation, music, film, computers, spending time with family and friends. I live in my own apartment together with my 13-year old dog Diva and 5-year old cat Jaxon.

I grew up together with an older sister, a mom and a dad. My mom was born in Iran and came to Sweden at a young age. My dad is from Sweden and met my mom when they went to school together. They got married and has two beautiful daughters 😉 but after a couple of years they got a divorce.

I love to travel and have been to many countries over they years: Greece, France, Italy, America, South Africa, Australia, Tasmania, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Cabo Verde, Mexico, Egypt, England, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Norway, Dubai and probably some more places. My all time favorite place was and is Australia. If I ever would travel back to a country or want to move to another country it would be Australia.

I'm the owner and creator of MelGibsonSite - a site dedicated to Mel Gibson.