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It's the backseat for the old lady

Posted by webmiss | August 19, 2017

MadnezDesign old dogs and cars

She's a very stubborn girl and doesn't like to recieve help from anyone, when helping her up in the trunk she gets very upset if I try to lift her up. So, even though I don't like it, she is now allowed in the backseat. For some reason she's a lot calmer in the backseat. When she was in the trunk she always walked in circles but in the backseat she either sits or lay down...

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A cruise to Poland

Posted by webmiss | August 13, 2017


I don't really count Poland as an abroad trip, more like a visit to a neighbour. I've been there more times than I can count, but it's fun and even more fun now when Poland have opened their new mall, Riviera. Well, it's not that new anymore but it's the newest thing they have over there, and it's huge! We arrived there around...

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Hard work during summer

Posted by webmiss | July 23, 2017

MadnezDesign hard work

I'm helping my sister remove stone slabs from the driveway this summer. It's easy to get them up but they are many and it is heavy. We have done two thirds of the driveway and we're finishing what's left later this week. I don't know what she's planning to do after we've removed the flagstones. I heard talks about adding asphalt or putting back the flagstones after evening out the driveway. Time will tell what it will be...

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New Tattoo

Posted by webmiss | July 18, 2017

MadnezDesign new tattoo 2017 tiger earth birds

Today I got my second tattoo. I'd been waiting to do this for over one year and finally the day arrived. It was more painful doing the tattoo on the inside of the forearm then when I did my first tattoo on my fibula. But I made it. It took almost four hours...

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