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Christmas Eve

Posted by webmiss | December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

Yesterday was Christmas Eve which we celebrated at my mom’s house. It was me, my older sister, my mom and her partner. Basically we ate all day and at some point in evening we opened the presents. Christmas is supposed to be all about family and… ehum…. Jesus. However, in our family we spend so much time together so Christmas Eve is not that much different...

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Learning Persian Foods - Khoresht Gheimeh Bademjan

Posted by webmiss | November 12, 2018

Khoresht Gheimeh Bademjan

The snow came in the middle of January and went away in early February. I really hope there wont be anymore snow. Snow is beautiful but as an adult I don't find anything joyful with it. I used to love walking my dog when there was snow because she loved the snow and I loved seeing her happy but other than that, nah snow and cold is not my type of weather. I long for spring and all the colors blooming up in nature and longer days with warmer weather...

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Iran and Trump

Posted by webmiss | November 9, 2018

Iran Flag

We sort of miss Obama now, huh. The good thing with Trump is that he really showed the world of how much racism there still is out there. It used to be behind closed doors but now even those who hid are out spewing their hate and fear towards other cultures and people...

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Posted by webmiss | October 14, 2018

Me and Diva - She loved to cuddle like this

Losing someone is never easy. I miss her every day. I’ve been through this once before and it was very difficult but during that time I had Diva which made it somewhat easier then this time around when Diva is the one who has passed. It’s so quiet at home… She’s not around staring at me with her big brown eyes, barking at me when I don’t do what she wants. She’s not here breathing on my face when she has to go outside. No one to hug, kiss or cuddle with...

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Persian Kabab Koobideh

Posted by webmiss | October 7, 2018

Persian Lamb Kabab Koobideh

This is my all time favorite food. It’s called Persian lamb kabab koobideh, served with rice, yoghurt and bread. The yellow in the rice is saffron and the red spice is called somagh. Its best barbequed but it can be done in other ways too...

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A New Car and a New Life

Posted by webmiss | September 26, 2018

Toyota Yaris

This year is filled with a lot of new things and experiences for me. A life with a new cat and a life without a dog. A new job and now a new car. I did my first big buy last week, a Toyota Yaris hybrid 2017. It’s a small car but big enough for me. The car drives partly on electricity...

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Jönköping and Stadsparken

Posted by webmiss | September 9, 2018

Jönköping Sweden

Tomorrow I start work again. These two weeks have gone by very fast, too fast. Next vacation is during christmas. I took a short trip to Jönköping, Sweden. I've never been there before. I thought the city would be a lot bigger than what it was. There was not very much to do there but they had a beautiful park, Stadsparken, and a big shopping mall....

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Shopping and Tattoos

Posted by webmiss | September 3, 2018

Emporia shopping

I have a two week vacation from work and one week has already come and gone. Last week I went for a trip to Malmö, Emporia shopping mall. It was raining all day so it was nice to do some shopping indoors. I only needed shoes but as you all know, most often a shopping day ends with you shopping more then what you really need...

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Cute Kitties

Posted by webmiss | August 12, 2018

Jaxon and Casper

Ever since I was a young child, I've wanted a cat. Finally, when I was 27 years old it was time. Jaxon, the black cat, is my first cat. Today he's 5-years old. Wow, time goes by so fast. He has always been a stubborn cat. He wants what he wants when he wants it. If you don't do as he wants, he gives you trouble, haha!...

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Goodbye my love

Posted by webmiss | June 30, 2018

Rest in peace my beloved dog, Diva

I miss you everyday but I know you are doing well and running around and having fun up in heaven. I can't believe you were in my life for 13 whole years, since the day you were born and took your first breath, until your last day when you took your last breath. You taught me many things. How to stay calm in stressful situations. How to love someone unconditionally and to be loved unconditionally...

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