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Posts from 2019

Walk of Life

Posted by webmiss | February 17, 2019

Walk of Life - Lyckeby ån

Spring is finally here. The weather has been great this weekend with a blue sky and a big sun, even the birds has been chirping all weekend. I went for a walk around my neighborhood yesterday and later during the day I cleaned my apartment...

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Fox In The Snow

Posted by webmiss | February 10, 2019

Fox in the snow

The snow came in the middle of January and went away in early February. I really hope there wont be anymore snow. Snow is beautiful but as an adult I don't find anything joyful with it. I used to love walking my dog when there was snow because she loved the snow and I loved seeing her happy but other than that, nah snow and cold is not my type of weather. I long for spring and all the colors blooming up in nature and longer days with warmer weather...

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