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Remove the regime in Iran

Posted by webmiss | July 24, 2020

Iran flag

If you are against discrimination,shouldn't that apply to all discrimination happening around the world?
If you are against racism, shouldn't that apply to all racism happening around the world?
If you're a feminist, shouldn't you want to fight for womens rights and equality all around the world?
If you're against oppression, shouldn't you be against oppression happening all around the world?
And so on...

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Resting Place

Posted by webmiss | June 16, 2020

Jaxon rip

It has been one month since Jaxon passed away and last weekend he was put to rest.He is buried next to Diva, his best friend. They have a small rose tree together and Jaxon got a beautiful sunflower as well...

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Racism in Sweden

Posted by webmiss | June 6, 2020


I live in Sweden and it seem as if most swedish people believe racism doesn't happen here and that everyone is treated equaly. It is not the reality though. Racism in Sweden is very common and frequent. To understand racism in Sweden you must understand swedish people...

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Chronic Pain

Posted by webmiss | May 20, 2020

Chronic back pain

A lot of things has happened this year and I am not a good talker when it comes to deep feelings so maybe it will help if I write about it. I have to let it out somehow and hopefully I will feel better after this. Not only all the losses in my life lately but I also struggle with something that is a constant in my life and something most people don't know about nor something I really talk about...

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Santander Consumer Bank

Posted by webmiss | May 18, 2020

Santander Bank

A while back I bought a sofa from EM Home. We agreed that I could buy it on down payment during a three month period which would be interest free using Santander Consumer Bank credit card services. EM Home applied for a credit card and I asked if there were any extra costs and they said no and showed me the papers. Everything looked fine and I went home...

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Goodbye Jaxon

Posted by webmiss | May 16, 2020


Jaxon, my cat, had been behaving strange for a while. He'd been hissing at me, growling and even clawing towards me. I thought maybe he had been abused  outside. But  then he began losing weight rapedly and last week he was only skin and bones. So I called the veterinarian...

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Nature Freak

Posted by webmiss | February 3, 2020


I love nature, always have and always will. There's nothing more peaceful then taking a walk in the forest surrounded by nature and wildlife. It really calms me down, clear my mind and soul, and at the same time fills me up with some new energy...

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Say No to Racism

Posted by webmiss | January 26, 2020

Say No to Racism

I am biracial, my mother is Persian and my father is Swedish. Most of my life my mother raised me and I consider myself more Persian then Swedish but either way I am half of each. As a child I did not know what racism was but I also grew up in a community where cultures were mixed and I used to play with children who...

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