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About me

My name is Madeleine, I’m 35 years old and live in Sweden.
I live together with my cat Casper and my son Benjamin.

I grew up in a small town together with my older sister, mom and dad, who divorced since I was very young. My mom is from Iran and my dad is from Sweden. My mom came to Sweden when she was very young, a child, together with her older sister and older brother. I've been to Iran twice when I was a child, I had been planning going there for my third time since around 2012 but for many different reasons it has been postponed.

I’ve had a lot of pets growing up, beginning with budgies, I’ve had in total seven budgies; Pyret, (?), Sune, Elvis, Priscilla, Erik och Snövit. I also had a morhuvad parrot Lady (Poicephalus senegalus). Later on we had our first dog, Lisen, and she had puppies a few years later of which we kept one, Diva. Both dogs has since died of old age. I had my first cat, Jaxon, in 2013 but sadly he passed away in 2020 of diabetes. Now I have my cat Casper who came to live with me in 2018 and he is four years old.

I love to travel and have been to many places around the world and prefer warm weather and crystal blue waters. The country I have left on my bucket list is Brasil and to take a walk in the rainforest. I also love animals, nature and webdesign. I still enjoy meditation but I don’t do it as much as I used to. I work full time and on my free time I enjoy taking walks, spedning time with family and friends, relax infront of the TV or spending time by the computer.

Since my early 20’s I’ve wanted children but alway thought it was important to have a steady income, good place to live and have a flexible permanent job. Of course being two having a child together is the thing maybe most of us desire but it was never a must for me. If I found someone and fell inlove then sure. I always wanted to adopt but with time I crossed over to insemination for various reasons. Last year, 2020, it was time. On my second try I got pregnant and I’m now mother of a baby boy.


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About the website has been active since 2012 and used as a blog with many different designs over the years. The content has varied from the paranormal, conspiracy, spirituality, pets and now single motherhood.

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