Benjamin is here

Posted by Madeleine | May 13th, 2021

My son has arrived.
Benjamin Javad Lindberg was born at 8.18 am on Thursday may 6th. He weighed in at 2695 grams and was 48 centimeters long. A tiny baby which I was prepared for but I really thought he would be closer to 3 kilos.

Benjamin Javad Lindberg

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The c-section went well and wasn’t as bad as I thought, of course it wasn’t without some uncomfort during and pain after. It was a weird sensation knowing you are being cut open but all I could feel was as if someone was pulling my stomach. There was no pain at all. My blood pressure went down real fast at one point which made me feel very sick and it was around the time they took out Benjamin because I could feel something big being pulled out of my stomach right after my blood pressure dropped. They gave me something and I felt better, I heard Benjamin and then they gave him to me. I couldn’t really hold him tight so it felt scary having him there but the people around me was helping me. Then I felt really sick and weird again and asked someone to take him and he was with his grandmother for a while and later on with one of the nurses.

Benjamin Javad Lindberg - after his first bath

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I stayed at the hospital for two days and then we went home to my mom where we will stay until I have recovered enough to manage living in my apartment again. I don’t have an elevator which means I have to walk up two flight of stairs, when I am strong enough to do that without pain me and Benji will be going home.

Benjamin is one week today. He has lost 200 grams in total which means I have to give him extra formula besides the breast milk. I can see a real change in his demeanor and I guess he was crying and screaming so much before because he was never really full. After I began giving him the formula he has been smiling, sleeping more and deeper which means I am getting some more breaks from constantly breast feeding him. Which hurts now in the beginning but thanks to the formula it is getting better. He will be weighed in tomorrow again and I hope if anything he hasn’t at least lost any more weight.

Benjamin Javad Lindberg - on our way home

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I can move around much easier now, seven days after the c-section. I still have a lot of fluid in my feet and legs which is a lot more now than during my pregnancy. I have only lost 3 kilos which doesn’t make any sense to me, it sorts of scares me but I have decided to go on a diet starting… guess when… haha, on Monday. I won’t lie, it is also extremely nice not to have the pregnancy belly any more. Oh my, good riddance!

Looking at Benjamin I finally understand what every parent means when they say how they fall in love with their child at first sight. I have never loved anyone as I love Benjamin. It’s a unique kind of love you have for your child. Unconditional and very deep!