C-section Date Determined

Posted by Madeleine | April 25th, 2021

In Sweden we don’t have the freedom of choice when it comes to how we want to birth our children, it’s sort of weird, Sweden is supposed to be with the times and all but we as women still don’t get to decide everything that has to do with our bodies. I for one don’t see any shame in why women decide to have c-sections, no matter the reason behind it. I have read some real cruel comments and opinions online about c-sections and they all are from women…

As I have previously mentioned I have chronic back pain and it’s not a simple pain and aches, it can become really intense where I barely can breathe and all I want is to be unconscious when it happens. With labor most women get labor pains in their lower back and for me I become very anxious when it start to hurt on my lower back and all of that can trigger an intense back pain episode. For that reason, I wanted to have a c-section.


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I had to talk with a doctor and with a midwife before getting approved. It was a real emotional rollercoaster, more so when pregnant hehe. But finally, I got approved. On May 6th is the big day. Eleven days to go. I am very nervous, the fact that they are going to cut my belly open when I am laying there wide awake. I hope there’s no sensation and that I won’t faint.