Eight weeks old and Öland

Time really flies by. I can’t believe my baby boy is already 8 weeks old today! Every morning when I wake up, I can see small differences in his appearance, at least I believe I do, hehe.

We’ve been home a little more than two weeks and I love it. My home, my stuff and my rules! A lot have happened though, I sold my car and bought a new one, a bigger one. It was very much needed since it didn’t fit very much in my tiny Toyota Yaris hatchback 2017. I sold and bought a new car within a week, so it happened very quick. My new car is a Toyota Auris station wagon 2018.

My new car.

Me, my sister and Benjamin went for a two-day trip to Öland, we spent the night at a so-called Mansion Hotel. Everything was very nice at the hotel except that there was no air condition, not even a fan in the room. It was very warm and damp and since I have a baby, I didn’t feel safe enough to have the window or terrace door open during the night.

Benjamins trip to Öland.

We started the day off visiting Trollskogen. It is a very beautiful forest but I wont lie, I had full on panick while we were there. I had these weird looking bugs, a mix between a butterfly, fly and mosquito. It was at the size of a horsefly. They were stalking me and only me. In the beginning they were just annoying but then those little bastards could bite and since they bite as mosquitoes it looked as if they were sucking my blood and they were big which made the bite not very pleasant. They were only on me, not my baby or sister. My sister said maybe they could smell my breastmilk and was attracted to that. Hmm, I don’t know but it made my whole visit in the forest stressful.

The beach.

After Trollskogen we took a quick stop at Böda Sand which is a popular camping site in Öland. I didn’t come with to the beach because I thought it would be a lot closer which was why I decided to carry Benjamin. It was a mistake because my back really started to hurt. Me and Benjamin stayed by the grass while my sister continued her walk down to the beach. She loved it, said it reminded of a tiny town and the beach was very beautiful. We ended the day with a pizza.

Benjamin on the grass at Böda.

The next day we visited Borgholms slott, not very much to say about that. It was pretty. After that we went to Borgholm city and walked around, had some ice cream and then we drove to Kalmar, Ikea and did some shopping and after that we drove back home.

Borgholms castle

I’m very happy with our little trip and Benjamin was for the most part a happy boy. He only cried when he wanted food or his diaper changed, other than that he loved watching all the people and surroundings. My guess is he will be a social boy as he grows older.

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