Fall is here

Ghost cake

Benjamin spent two days with his grandmother while I was at home alone with Casper. I took the opportunity to repaint the walls in the livingroom. I finished three out of four walls. I will paint the last wall in a few weeks. It made such a difference, it looks more brighter and fresh. I can’t wait until the last wall is done. I’d like to repaint the hall too but if I’ll do that it will be next year.

This weekend we celebrated my sister’s belated birthday. She had made homebaked cookies and birthday cake. It was really yummy! She also made dinner. It’s never wrong to be invited over for dinner and dessert.

Homebaked cookies

Some people like fall, I can’t say I’m one of them. I like it when the leaves changes color and all the bugs disappear but the rainy days and when the days becomes darker is not something I enjoy. Benji seem to enjoy it though.

Out and about

Things happen very quick with Benji’s development right now. He can sit very well with support. One of his bottom teeth has made an appearance and he “talks”, says mama, dada, baba, gaga. It looks so cute when he “talks”.

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