Gekås, Ullared

Two weeks ago, we visited the popular shopping store Gekås in Ullared. It’s a place most known for their cheap products and enormous store with a lot of products. It was me, my sister, our mom and Benji who took a two-day trip to Gekås. It was a four hour drive one-way and we had so much fun!

My main purpose there was to buy clothes, Christmas gifts to Benji, birthday presents to Benji, clothes and toys to Benji. Yes, most of the things I bought was for my son. Of course, I bought some things for myself too but not a lot. I bought a winter jacket, a couple of sweatshirts and one pants and a bunch of underwear.

Since I haven’t really celebrated Christmas in a big way with decorations previous years, I decided that this year I will decorate my home big time because now I have a son. I bought some Christmas decorations but not as much as I wanted to. But there will be more to buy here in my hometown later on.

Happy boy.
He was “talking” when I took this photo.

Benji had fun, he loves being out in social surroundings. When we finally came back home, we were all exhausted with less money in our pockets. But that’s what’s to be expected when you visit a shopping store like Gekås.

Benji’s development

Benji is a little more then five months old now. He had his second vaccine shot six days ago. He is also trying out some different baby foods which he loves. Rolling over to his tummy is his new fun thing to do and he is well on his way to soon be able to sit on his own and crawling.

Beautiful weather

Today I am spending the night at my mom’s place because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, let’s wait and see how expensive that visit will be. Me, my mom and Benji took a long walk in the beautiful weather today which was very nice.

Benji wondering why we put him on the ground.
He fell a sleep holding his pacifier like that.

Tomorrow we will be heading back home to our cat, Casper, and in a week it’s time for a visit to Ikea to do some more shopping.

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