One Month Old

Posted by Madeleine | June 7th, 2021

My baby boy became one month old yesterday, June 6th. Time really goes by fast. He had his checkup June 4th when he was four weeks old and he is doing very well, hitting all the milestones they are supposed to at that age and he weighed in at 3,6 kilos and was 52,5 cm tall.

Benjamin one month old

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He is eating more formula now, I really do want to breastfeed but it just wont work, I don’t have enough milk. He can breastfeed up to an hour in total on both breasts, fall asleep out of exhaustion, which I thought was him being full before, and waking up ten minutes later starving, and we do the same thing again. I am literally glued with him on my breasts 24/7 if he only has the breasts. I am very grateful we have good formula we can give our babies. As of now he is being breastfed two to three times a day and maybe once out of those three he will get full and content for at least an hour, the other times I have to add formula after each breastfeed. With only formula he eats every three – four hours.

Benjamin playing

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A couple of days ago Benji lost some hair from the top of his head, he has some very short hairs still, probably the new hairs, but I was sad to see the longer hair disappear. Now he looks so bald. I agreed to cut his hair, it’s an Iranian tradition. Before when he had more hair, I was against it but now looking at him it just looks bad.

Benjamin Javad Lindberg

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Casper and Benjamin have met twice and it is going well but very slow. Casper is curios but careful, he doesn’t seem very sure about this little human yet. This time Casper came very quick and smelled Benjamin, he also came to look when Benjamin cried. Benjamin saw Casper at one point and his eyes became very big and starred at Casper but Casper decided to walk away. I believe after some time Casper will accept Benjamin in his life.

The only other thing happening is me trying to sell my car, I am in real need of a bigger car since getting the stroller in and out of the car is a real puzzle. My weight loss seems to have stopped at -6 kilos at this time. I’m moving back home to my apartment on Saturday so my plan is to get back to strict LCHF, it worked before and I’m really hoping it will work again. My exercise is great, I am walking an hour walks and still using my rubber band training up my back and torso. I’m trying to keep the mindset of “ it took nine months to gain the weight, give it nine months to lose the weight.