Photo Session

Posted by Madeleine | May 24th, 2021

Benjamin is 18 days young today.
I have been a mother for almost three weeks. Wow!

Mother and son

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Yesterday we visited aunt Alex, she is catsitting my cat, Casper, and this was the first time Casper and Benjamin met each other. It went very well. Casper was curious but on guard, at some moments I thought he would punch Benjamin in the face but he didn’t. Casper was more afraid of Benjamin then anything else but he smelled him and looked at him several times. Listened to every noise Benjamin made. It was really cute! A couple of more meetings and they will be great with each other.

Casper and Benjamin

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We also had a photo session, I want a beautiful picture of Benjamin to hang on the wall and my sister succeeded in taking one, actually several beautiful pictures but there is one that will go on the wall.

Benjamin Javad Lindberg

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It has taken some time to get to know Benjamin, his cries, what he wants, what he likes and doesn’t like. So far so good. He is a very content and happy baby but also very stubborn and has no patience at times.

I am healing up very good. The scar after the c-section looks very good and almost all pain is gone. I can move around a lot better and I have increased my walks to 40 minutes, sure it’s no speed walking, that will probably take some time before I can walk really fast but at least I am outside walking 40 minutes and it was almost 6 months ago I did that last. I also do some exercises at home to strengthen my back and torso. As of yet I have lost 5,5 kilos but have a lot more to lose.