My First Pregnancy

Posted by Madeleine | March 27th, 2021

I’ve wanted to have children since my early 20’s. The relationships I was in didn’t last. In my mid 20’s I began looking into adoption and set my goal on that, I felt that I had the time to meet their criteria to be able to adopt as a single woman. I still went on dates and had a few relationships but nothing that ever lasted.

In my 30’s I finally had the full-time steady job with good benefits and a descent salary. I began looking up adoption again but so much had changed and the prices had gone up so after a lot of thinking I decided to look up insemination.

I thought it through for a couple of years, talked it through with my family since I would need their support. Everyone was on board and in February of 2020 it was time to try for the first time. I chose an Iranian donor, I really liked his profile and it just felt right. The insemination was done in a clinic in Denmark. However, the first insemination failed. I had my second try in August of 2020, using the same donor, and this time it was a success.

Benjamin Javad Lindberg

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The first trimester was not easy, the second trimester became a little bit easier and now I am in my third trimester and it is more of an emotional roller-coaster. The pregnancy itself has been rather good even though I have pelvic girdle pain and pregnancy diabetes. It’s my chronic back pain that has been the major issue during this whole pregnancy.

I am very open about using insemination as a method to become pregnant as a single woman. Some people have called the donor as the dad and I want to make it clear. There is no dad in the picture, the donor is nothing more than simply a donor.

I found out during a blood test that the baby is a boy and it was also confirmed with an ultrasound on March 22nd. He is fine, a little underweight and that’s why I will be getting one or two more ultrasounds before he is born only to see if he is putting on enough weight, but as of yet I am not worried.

I began doing all my baby shopping in February and I believe I have everything I need. Casper, the cat, loves the crib! I made the bed and everything but since Casper always sleeps or naps in the crib, I had to take it all off since I don’t want fur all over the new things. I only left the things you can see in the picture which all will be washed and cleaned before the baby will arrive. I will probably break Casper’s little heart once the baby comes because Casper won’t be allowed in the crib or in my bedroom during the night or when the baby is sleeping in his crib alone.

Casper in the crib

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I’m soon leaving to live with my mom and her partner since my back pain and pelvic girdle pain is bothering me too much now. I wasn’t supposed to move in until two weeks prior to expected birth but I can’t wait that long anymore, expected birth is on May 14th. The plan to stay over the summer stays the same as before though. I am very grateful to have some help in the beginning with the baby.

For now, I am longing for the baby to arrive. I long to hold him, curious to see what he looks like and watch him grow up and spoil him with love, kisses and hugs! It’s 48 days left until he might be born, since he might come earlier or later, I doubt he will be born exactly on May 14th.