Some Projects

Oh my how time flies. I remember when my pregnancy test showed up positive and it feels like it was only a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been through a whole pregnancy and given birth and has a son who is four months old. And it’s also only four months until Christmas, haha.

This Christmas will be the first time in many years or even ever I will do a proper Christmas at home. I never really decorate. This time there will be a lot of decorations and a big Christmas tree. I bet my cat, Casper, also will love it, hehe.

Since I’ve decided to stay put in my home and not move, I took the time to fix up Benjis side of the bedroom. He only has one wall that is his and I bought some posters and some frames. I painted the frames and hung it up on the wall. I am really satisfied with the result; it looks very beautiful!

Before and after I painted the frames.

I also painted behind the fridge since I removed the cabinet above the fridge. It didn’t fit since it was made for the fridge I had before. I don’t want to put a lot of money into my kitchen just in case the next owners want to renovate it. Therefor I decided to simply paint but it made a big difference.

Before and after I painted the wall behind the fridge.

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