Posted by Madeleine | August 23rd, 2021

I’ve been a mother for 15,5 weeks now and even though I haven’t experienced many struggles yet, there has been some. My biggest struggle is me wanting to go back to the gym but having a baby and living far away from my family, having a babysitter two or three times a week while I am at the gym is difficult to solve. Sure, I can move closer to my family or I can drive to where my family lives and go to the gym there but they live one hour away and driving two hours back and forwards will cost me a lot of money. Being a single mother and on maternal leave give me less of an income, I can’t spend money on things like that.

Benjamin with his bunny

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This one probably most mothers and parents struggle with, getting enough sleep. I miss sleeping through the night without any interruptions. People say, “you can sleep when the baby sleeps”, sure I can and I have done it two or three times since he was born, but in reality, I can’t since I have to do all the household stuff and sometimes, I just want to relax and do my own thing when he sleeps.

I’m sure more will come when I go back to work and have to manage work, child and the household. I will be so tired, haha. Or maybe it will become easier, who knows.

Benjamin tummy time

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When it comes to my living situation I’ve decided to stay where I’m at, I can save a lot of money staying here and there’s no need for a bigger home while he is this young. My biggest reason why I wanted to move was so he doesn’t have to change daycare. But we will move when I plan on having my second baby, it’s not written in stone that I will have another baby but I do want one more, it all depends on how it feels when I begin work again and how Benjamin treats his mother, hehe.

Benjamin is growing really fast. He is almost four months old and I have begun letting him taste baby food and porridge, only two teaspoons of each, and he likes it, he likes the porridge more and my guess is it is because it is sweet.

Benji Batman

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My weight sucks, it’s been almost four weeks on strict LCHF and since my last post there hasn’t been any change with my weight. This weekend I said f#ck it! I ate bread and chocolate, oh my it was so yummy! Last time I was on LCHF I never counted calories, I only ate strict LCHF and had my eye out on carbohydrates and sugars. It worked, I lost 16 kilos in less than a year and in the beginning, I dropped kilos really fast. I later maintained my weight almost a year and after that I began sneaking in some treats here and there and I gained 3 kilos over a year. But this time my body doesn’t seem to work the same way.

I looked up how many calories someone in my current weight and height should eat and there is a big likelihood that I have either matched that calorie intake or eaten more than I should, even though being on LCHF. I calculated on how many calories I should eat if I want to lose it all in six months and it’s 1000 calories a day with no exercise. I looked up some meal plans and it is not a lot of food you can eat with that small number of calories, but I will give it a go. I do take walks a couple of times a week but I don’t count that in since I know I will have missteps and eat too much here and there and when I am invited over to friends; I don’t want to be that friend who can’t eat this and that, then there is Christmas. Let’s see if there have been any changes in the weight department until my next blog post.