Ten Weeks Young

Posted by Madeleine | July 16th, 2021

There hasn’t been much happening, I’m counting down for his surgery which is on Friday 23rd of July. I really want it to come and go, I can’t wait until his inguinal hernia is fixed because, for me, it looks very unconfutable and scary, sometimes it looks big and sometimes it pops back in. In the beginning the hernia was above his private parts but now it has travelled down his pouch. Benji doesn’t seem to care, he has no pain and he can do all his business with no problem. I hope the surgery goes well with no complications and that he recovers quick with no complications!

Benjamin ten weeks

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When it comes to me and my health… well… It’s been ten weeks since the delivery and I am only down 8 kilos. I’m sort of stuck, I lost 9 kilos but when we were on our two-day trip, I gained one kilo and since I haven’t been able to shake it off. I don’t know… for me it is not easy to lose the weight, I really thought at least 10 kilos would disappear the first two weeks or something but nooo! It did take nine months to gain everything and I will try my best to keep in mind it will take at least nine months to lose it. For now, I eat less carbs and take a couple of walks every week for at least an hour and then I have everything else at home that I do. I can only do two more things and it is to remove all carbs and all sweets - forever.

The Lake

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I have taken my first vaccine shot; I have one more to take which will be in the end of August. I long to go back to the gym but being a single mom, I need a babysitter each time I want to go to the gym and my family lives 45 minutes away from me. I don’t feel it’s worth travelling 45 minutes x 2, three times a week for me just to go to the gym. However, I am on the lookout to move back closer to my family but so far, I haven’t found anything and the ones I have found I didn’t get.

I just have to keep on looking!