The surgery is finally over

Benjamins’ surgery is finally over!
The surgery and recovery went well. I was worried the whole time and I felt so sorry for Benjamin and felt this whole thing was emotionally straining. But when I was sitting in the recovery room with Benjamin as he woke up, I saw and heard other children who were so much worse than Benjamin. I mean cancer and others in constant fear and pain. Even though I still felt what Benjamin went through was difficult for both me and him, I also took in how blessed I was with a healthy baby and felt very sad hearing and seeing all the other children there. All I wanted in that moment was to take my son and go home. It was very heartbreaking to be in a children’s hospital. I spent the night there too and it breaks one’s heart hearing those children cry in fear and pain.

Benji after his surgery.

Back home

Once we were home, he only had some paracetamol he took two more days and then he was fine. He had a very big inguinal hernia and they had to have open surgery on him. I was amazed that he wasn’t in very much pain and the recovery was so quick.

When we came home, Casper has been very up close to Benjamin. Casper was keeping himself in a distant prior to the surgery but when we came home, from the first five minutes, he went to check on Benjamin and has been close to him ever since. It’s very cute. I wonder if Casper understood Benjamin had surgery and had some pain and Casper was a bit worried. Well, I’d like to see it that way.

Sugarfree ice cream and rhubarb pie.


Last week when my sister spent the night, I made a homemade LCHF rhubarb pie with homemade sugar free ice cream. I changed my diet to moderate LCHF but only lost 200 grams. This is my second week but on strict LCHF and have only lost 200 grams from last week.

In total I’ve only lost 400 grams in two weeks on LCHF, which is not good considering how much weight I have to lose. I gained 25 kilos during my pregnancy and have lost 8 kilos as of yet. I’ve basically only lost 1 kilo in the last month, since I’ve really been stuck on the same number for a month (gained one kilo and then losing one kilo). I’m trying to think maybe it’s going slow because of lack of sleep, stressful days sometimes and maybe because my body isn’t back to normal yet, but still…

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