Some Projects

Posted by Madeleine | September 5th, 2021

Oh my how time flies, I remember when my pregnancy test showed up positive and it feels like it was only a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been through a whole pregnancy and given birth and has a son who is four months old. And it’s also only four months until Christmas, haha.

This Christmas will be the first time in many years or even ever I will do a proper Christmas at home. I never really decorate much but this time there will be a lot of decorations and a big Christmas tree, I bet my cat, Casper, also will love it, hehe.

Since I’ve decided to stay put in my home and not move, I took the time to fix up Benjis side of the bedroom. He only has one wall that is his and I bought some posters and some frames. I painted the frames and hung it up on the wall. I am really satisfied with the result; it looks very beautiful!

Frames Project

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Frames on the wall

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I also painted behind the fridge since I removed the cabinet above the fridge, it didn’t fit since it was made for the fridge I had before. I don’t want to put a lot of money into my kitchen just in case the next owners want to renovate it, so I decided to simply paint but it made a big difference.

Fridge Project

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Next project is to sell my living room furniture that I have by the tv and on the wall and buy a new tv bench, I have one in mind but it is at least three weeks delivery time. Maybe you can hear I am a bit bored of being at home, I find stuff that needs changing or to buy new things all the time. Yes, I am busy with my son all day but when he is in his baby gym or sleeping, I take notice to all these things, haha. I also want a new kitchen table but it’s not a priority at the moment.

Benji is developing so fast. He is talking from when he wakes up until he falls asleep. Puts his feet in his mouth, rolls from side to side and I have seen him roll to his belly a few times. He is very steady when he sits up but can’t sit on his own yet. Before I know it, he will be crawling around having me run after him.

Benjamin Javad Lindberg

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I am constantly tired. I’m not a morning person and Benji has decided to wake up at 6 am since a couple of days back. Mama is not happy about this, before we slept until 7 – 8 am, which in my mind is early too but I got adjusted to it rather quick. But 6 am is in the middle of the night darn it, haha. At least he only has one night feeding which is everything between 1 – 3 am depending on when he last ate before he went to sleep. Bedtime is still around 18 pm and it gives me a couple of hours of me-time which I like.

The battle with my weight is continuing, but I have lost 2,5 kilos in 12 days which is a good thing, hopefully my weight will continue going down now. I count my calories and in the beginning I was constantly hungry, dizzy and had headaches but that is over now. My goal is to be at my pre-pregnancy weight by the end of February 2022. Let’s see if I can make that happen.