It’s been a couple of stressful days, a little more then a week. Benji had been crying a lot and it hasn’t been easy to calm him down. I felt very exhausted and tired so I decided to stay with my sister for a couple of days. My blood pressure was very high and I visited the nurse twice. The first time it was really high but the second time it was normal. They told me to keep measuring my blood pressure a couple of times a week but not too often. I’ve had high blood pressure back and forward since the last couple of weeks in my pregnancy. I was glad it was normal the last time they measured because I didn’t want to have medication. Another health issue is my weight. I have lost 3,5 kilos in 3 weeks which makes it a total of 9,5 kilos in 4 months. At least it is going down which makes me happy!

When I was staying with my sister, we took Benji to Wämöparken. It’s a park with a mini zoo. The pigs were laying in their houses which didn’t make it easy for Benji to see them. He did see a rabbit and a couple of roosters. It’s a very nice park with many trails where you can take walks. I love Wämöparken! When I had dogs, we used to go there a lot so I have very fond memories from that place.


It’s a beautiful nature in Wämöparken and it is located by the lake. There used to be goats but they are not there anymore. It’s a shame because they always came up close so you could pet them. The rabbits were kind of boring. They didn’t move and I think Benji didn’t really understand they were living breathing creatures. He couldn’t see the pigs at all which was too bad since they are huge, big pigs, and really cute! The roosters ran up to him and they looked at each other. Something is better than nothing, I guess.


Benji didn’t seem all that interested in animals. Maybe it is too soon to really know if animals will become an interest or not. But when I took him to visit a friend, he met her two dogs, one who is a 10-week-old puppy. He seemed very fascinated by them, looked at them and smiled. The dogs both came up to him a couple of times to smell on him and check him out. The older dog even barked a few times, not on Benji, and Benji never showed any fear.

Benjamin and a rooster.

I’m back home with Benji for a couple of days. After that we are going back to stay with my sister a couple of days again. Casper (the cat) is still with my sister and she said he fell a sleep just moments after me and Benji left. He didn’t bother her until she woke up on her own. Usually Casper always run around playing and talking. When he thinks we shouldn’t be sleeping at 3 am he comes over and runs all over my head and throw things on the floor. If I lock him out of the bedroom, he scratches the door. So, Casper is a handful. My guess is having a baby is making Casper tired too. Maybe he needs a break from time to time.

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